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OFFER 2018

Pot Disbudded Chrysanthemum
Pot Chrysanthemum
Multiflora Summer Line
Multiflora Classic Line
Cut Disbudded Chrysanthemum
Spray Chrysanthemum


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Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to convey to you our catalog for 2018, in which we present more than 240 reliably selected varieties of potted and cut flowers.

All the proposed varieties come from the largest breeding companies specializing in the cultivation of chrysanthemums in Europe. Deal joined the company Dekker varieties as Boris Becker or Zivena.
As announced last year introducing expected by Member varieties of Mount Gerlach Yellow with a group of varieties średniokwiatowych and Sunberry White with a group of large potted varieties.

The most important is for us your satisfaction, hence so much effort put into quality seedlings supplied. They help us in this strictly comply with the rules and internal quality control procedures.
We remain at your disposal during the entire period of the crop.

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Good luck in 2018
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